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Redline Media is a public relations company, based in Sydney, NSW. While we primarily work within the realm of Australian motorsport, we offer our services to any business seeking public relations assistance.

Public relations is a broad term, which describes the relationship an organisation has with its various clients, employees, communities, stakeholders, suppliers and distributors, as well as the media that transmits messages to some or all of these groups.

Communication with these diverse audiences requires not only specialist skills, but also in-depth knowledge of their needs and expectations. At Redline Media, we have worked with such clients as leading Sprintcar drivers James McFadden and Steven Lines, as well as V8 Supercars driver Scott McLaughlin.

The question you should be asking yourself is not whether you need public relations, because every company, association, organisation and person already has them, but what is the most effective way to manage these relationships? That's where Redline Media can help.

Our Services

* Media Releases
* Social media management
* Website Design and Hosting
* Marketing/Sponsorship Proposals
* Graphic Design
* Poster, Banner and Flyer Design
* Logo and Corporate Identity Design
* Magazine Editorial and Design


Media releases provide a platform for you to share your news and results with the public using a professional format. Our skilled writers can craft a release for you based on any topic, including breaking news, events, business launches and products, race results, sponsorship agreements, season flashbacks and so much more.

As well as sharing your media release via our affiliate website www.totallyspeedway.com.au, we can share it on our social media pages, with a direct link to your website, increasing your website traffic.

Not only will a media release gain you web-based recognition on a wide scale, with Totally Speedway’s Facebook page boasting over 16,000 followers, media releases are frequently printed by local and national news outlets, giving you maximum exposure to the public eye.

Marketing/Sponsorship Proposals

In order to approach potential sponsors to gain funding, an effective marketing proposal is a must. Approaching corporations to ask them for money is always a difficult concept and without presenting the right information, the likelihood of receiving sponsor partnership is slim.

Partnering with sponsors allows you to be as competitive as possible in your field, as they provide funding which you can put towards your business needs. Sponsorship agreements also create a connection between you and your sponsor’s brand, which can help to increase your validity in the public eye.

With the right marketing proposal, you can build a sponsor relationship which can create opportunities for you such as publicity by association, which will assist in growing your brand.

Redline Media can create a professional and informative marketing proposal tailored specifically to you and your sponsorship goals. We will include an extensive list of sponsorship benefits, as well as a company profile, detailing what your brand is about.

In addition to providing all of the necessary information, your marketing proposal will be completed with premium graphic design to ensure it is as effective as possible.

Graphic Design

Prior to reading a document’s content, a first impression is always made by its appearance, particularly in advertising. At Redline Media, we believe that presentation is just as important as content, which is why we offer premium graphic design services to ensure the highest quality finish for any of your projects.

Not only can Redline Media design advertisements, we can design team logos, campaigns, marketing proposals, websites, and more. By utilising Redline Media’s services, your project is guaranteed to draw your audience in with its eye-catching design.

Social Media Management

Social media currently plays an integral part in brand development. At Redline Media, we can help to promote your brand effectively across multiple social media platforms, in order to grow your following and enhance your reputation.

By utilising our affiliation with Totally Speedway, we can promote your brand to our 20,000 fans, as well as share media releases and promotions on our social media pages linking directly to your website.

In addition to this, Redline Media can build social media pages specifically for you from the ground up and effectively manage them day to day. Via these pages, we will provide a central base for you and your company, sharing updates and results in order to build your following.

To maximise the success of these pages, Redline Media can offer regular media releases, as well as designing a tailored website, and targeted campaigns and promotions.

Website Design and Hosting

In this digital age, your website acts as the hub of your brand and will create the first impression for visitors. As such, it is essential to ensure your website is user-friendly and engaging, with a slick and appealing design.

Redline Media can design and create a fully responsive website which promotes your brand and delivers clear and concise information to your visitors in the easiest way possible.

Our responsive website design offers visitors an optimum viewing experience across a range of devices, including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones, to ensure all of your information is easily accessible and the quality of your website is not compromised.

We can also host your website and ensure all information is kept up to date at all times, without you having to manage it, allowing you more time to work on growing your brand.

Poster, Banner and Flyer Design

One of the key elements to growing your brand is advertising. At Redline Media, we can design and produce any advertisement to suit your business needs.

This includes posters, which are fantastic for promotional giveaways, banners for use at functions or events, and flyers, which are one of the most common and effective ways to share your brand with the public.

Our premium graphic design will ensure the highest quality finish for your advertisements.

Logo and Corporate Identity Design

A company/team logo or corporate identity is essential in helping the public to easily recognise your brand, as well as providing uniform branding across all advertisements, proposals, media releases etc. relating to your business.

Redline Media can design a logo to your exact specifications, suited to your business in order to help the public identify with you.

Magazine Editorial and Design

Redline Media has extensive experience in magazine editorial, through our affiliation with Totally Speedway and a number of other magazines.

Not only can Redline Media design a full layout for a printed or online magazine, we can also provide magazine content in its entirety, by means of feature articles, advertising, profiles and whatever else you require.

Paired with our premium graphic design services, Redline Media can provide you with end-to-end magazine production, alleviating your work load and allowing you more time to work on other areas of your business.


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